Day 36 - Living the Change, Stopping OCD

6:51 PM

On the front lines of OCD -
 In this photo, you can see how I have taken steps to create a home environment that is supportive in all ways; I have set myself up in front of the computer to write, which supports me in in my process of taking my authority back from OCD. Because I know that being in front of the computer triggers the OCD, I have put a hair mask on to keep my hands away from my head. The hair mask also nurtures and moisturizes the scalp, which supports me physically as I have scalp psoriasis. I lit a candle to create a more relaxed and soothing atmosphere to lower anxiety, and I also like the way it smells, so it is a point of  simple enjoyment as well The same with the tea, which is filled with healthy ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, honey, lemon, and also chamomile which calms and relaxes. It keeps my hands busy when I get antsy, it tastes good and is warm and comforting. This calming, soothing, healing and nurturing environment was created by me, in awareness. This is MY CHOICE. It depicts an act of creation rather than an environment of consequence, resulting from the automated behaviour of OCD. This is one step of my journey, bringing my writing to life in practical application. To read the writing, visit: AtHome Within Myself - Living the Word 'Home'

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  1. Hey Kim. Have you tried essential oil diffusers? Almond oil to help with itchiness? Epsom salts baths, sodium bicarbonate baths, and apple cider vinegar to soothe itchiness as well? What about juicing to help your skin and detox your body? I recommend all of these to you for day to day support as well. Also, have you tried cutting/reducing your diary and sugar consumption? This was one of the most helpful changes in my diet that soothed my psoriasis
    Keep that self-care on Kim!

    1. Thanks for the tips Bitia! I have tried some of them, but not all. I will try the sodium bicarbonate bath and juicing to see if I get results! The others I have done and stopped, like apple cider vinegar, and cutting sugar and dairy. These were great reminders, thanks!


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