What is This Blog?

10:27 PM

Within this blog I am looking  at the patterns that I live out in my life, which, over time, causes an accumulation of energy which seeks for an outlet. In my case, I have developed OCD in the form of dermatillomania.
One of the parts of the process I am walking towards self-treatment is to correct the daily pattern of internalizing energetic experiences such as reactions, judgments, feelings and emotions,  which create the internal environment  that cause me to feel compelled to pick my skin as a form of release.
These will be seemingly little, trivial experiences which are more like the tips of icebergs throughout the day, because if you look at it, every action or reaction came from a long series of actions/reactions that came before. So I will take a situation and trace that string back as far as I can, or as far as is reasonable, in order to correct the behavior and replace it with new, more constructive and beneficial behavior.

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